Influences: Let’s go (go, power rangers!)

So who is ready for the movie coming out this month? You know, the one that obviously influences the stories I’m writing?

This was a funnier intro when Legend of the Sword was still releasing in March, but that’s moved to May now. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to Guy Ritchie’s new take on King Arthur soon enough, but right now… what other movie could you possibly be talking about Helen?

Power Rangers.

No Seriously?

Yeah. I wasn’t just a 90’s kid, but Mighty Morphin Power Rangers holds a very special place in my childhood. It was one of the first guilty pleasures, or hype things I had gotten in to. I forget if it was for Christmas or birthday but my family got me a “door bell” that played the “go go, power rangers” theme. That sat on the wall outside my door for years, and as I got older, that tune slowed down more and more.

Given it was such a part of my life, it was also important to my writing. My first fanfiction was Power Rangers. It wasn’t the first things I’d written. I’d done poems and other stories, but this was the first time I riffed directly on a franchise. Actually I was trying to fill in some concerns (because yes those plots were already so air tight?) I wanted to make sure Tommy Oliver had some good adventures as he was losing his Green Ranger powers.

I will admit the series has gone beyond me, so I’m really excited to see this new movie starting with my good old Mighty Morphin, and potentially bringing in a nice storyline here. I love my cheesy MMPR beating up the monster of the week, Rita and all her cronies. The words “Make my monster grow!” sends a special chill down my spine. Heck I was calling the Zelda: Breath of the Wild “Divine Beasts” as zords and driving my husband crazy, telling him he needed to summon the MegaZord to defeat Calamity Ganon. Despite all this I’m ready to see a deeper story here, because I’m a bit older myself too, but I still want to see this franchise continue, and it is time to grow. 

There is nothing more universal then being misunderstood, so drawing in these disparate kids to work together, toward something, not even saving the world on the level I’m guessing it’ll be, I think is just going to be fantastic. There’s going to be someone we can all feel for, not the same person, we’ve got some options here. Maybe I’m seeing, or hoping, for something more than that’s there, but I wrote for fun in this world, and think the potential is there.

Years, decades later, gosh I can’t even find that fanfic… but I’m finalizing Phoenix Grail and there’s a touch, here or there, that I think are echoes of some of those earliest words, some of those situations I tried to address. Super hero and hidden identity themes aren’t unusual, but dealing with having to leave something you used to be such a part of? Not dying, but separating from that team, the core of what you’ve been.

yeah, that’s something fun to explore. I think we’ll be hearing more on that soon.

Are you excited for the new movie? Have you seen it, what do you think?

And what are the unexpected influences for your stories?

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