Heroes in training

I want to tell stories about heroes, but not in their heroic moments.

Not even entirely in being a hero…

…though there are some moments on this.

It’s about heroes finding their way.

That is why some of it is their life. The story to attain and remain heroic. But to what end?

I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe in causality.

People aren’t born to greatness, but it is how they survive the crucible of life.

Those traits, will show their promise.

But promise is not purpose.

How do you find it?

There is so much wrong with the world, where is the right cause? The one our hero can pursue?

Some of this has origins in my childhood, though I admit I am not so religious these days. But there are many messages I remember, and many lessons I still try to espouse. I have forgotten the parable, but I recall somewhat of the lesson. We are all called to services, but not necessarily one that is a hardship. We can service with our gifts. Perhaps these are some of the ingredients that form a calling. Passion, and the ability to do good with it.

I remember this in a simple context, but comfort is everything. I remember my father, carrying an apron, presiding over the latest church dinner. My father was a manager all my childhood, and he could bring his ability to organize folks to accomplish whatever needed doing. That was his way to serve.

These types of stories, journeys that meld passion and promise, that is a struggle a we are all familiar with. That is what I crave… because every day I’m practicing to be a hero.

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