Climbing that inflection point of life

This is too good not to share. Check out Mette Harrison on facebook on Writing What you Fear.

Things have a strange way of coming together, timing, coincidences still pilling within a small time frame. I am going through some stuff, which has made me even more introspective then ever. I’m also planning the end of my first arc – Phoenix Succession, which means I’m re-reviewing all my previous stories to make sure this culminates well.

But it also means I’m seeing the themes stronger then ever. Boiling these stories down to their essence to make sure I’m capturing things well.

… and I’m every page.

Years ago talking with another new writer and they asked me “which character is you?” I thought a moment and realized, “I’m every character.” These characters are me, but at different points in my life. And I’ve got enough conflict within this being that I can explore the different sides, literally fighting each other.

But the more I looked back it isn’t just stages, but specific struggles and fears. It’s almost embarrassing looking back on Lady Leaves the Lake, and wonder if some of the issues of Viviane’s curse with the water parallels my own struggles with swimming. Okay, that’s no big secret, but right now I’m going through a lot more then that. It’s funny because I planned this arc earlier but Accepting the Mantle, when these guys gotta really decide what they are and who they’re going to be. Now I’ll be writing this as I’m going through this inflection point in my life.

Me, and my characters. I can’t wait to see how we get through this together guys.

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